About Cindy (Yoga and Life Coaching)


About Cindy

I have been passionately involved in Yoga for over 25 years.

 I guess this makes me a senior and well seasoned teacher!

 I stumbled upon Yoga and Meditation in college, when my family life and health were miserably falling apart, 

and I realized I was going to need strong tools to manage stress and maintain my well being.  

My first class awakened me to spirit, and to new places in my body and mind. I was instantly hooked and found the practice to be a soothing salvation, a trusted therapist - my god, goddess, and very best friend.  

I absolutely adore teaching Yoga! It works to heal body, mind and spirit. 

I have witnessed its power personally and professionally. 

Known for eclectic classes that weave elements from Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic and Yoga into my all of classes. 

You never quite know what I will pull out of my sleeve, but you can definitely expect fresh air, cool tunes, a spiritual directive, an amazing workout, and a deep zen meditation to finish. I creatively draw into each class the wisdom of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga theory using breath, 

spiritual awareness, movement, imagery, humor, psychology, relaxation and soul. Yoga and all that it represents allowed me to see “my story”, 

but connect to my soul. It helped me deal with the stresses of my unhealthy past,  and see it all as a great teacher and a gift.

 My life was like the “phoenix rising from the ashes.” 

 I survived a difficult childhood, and came out healthier as an adult. 

 I learned to discern what no longer wanted to attract in life, and to go after my dreams.

 For me, Yoga was and continues to be a great teacher of life!

In 2017, completed my Life Coaching Certification Program, and began taking Yoga off the Mat. 

Life Coaching is essentially Yoga of the Mind. 

After years of taking care of people’s bodies and spirits, I saw the need to also heal our minds. 

My aim is to help people overcome everyday obstacles that get in the way of them finding their true self, as well as their life’s dreams. 

Working with the science of Neuroplasticity, I work to remove old 

patterns of thinking and belief systems, helping to create newer and healthier ways of seeing and living life. 

Often, integrating yoga and wellness practices into my teachings, 

I lead people to find greater happiness in everyday life ~ to find peace in every moment!

I have a B.A. in Movement Therapy & Psychology, and the Yoga Alliance eRYT 500 Hour and YCEP certifications. Other credentials include advanced certifications from The White Lotus FoundationSeane Corn, Erich Schiffman, Bryan Kest, David Swenson, Duncan Wong, Paul GrilleyCheri Clampett & Arturo Peal and Judith Lasater.  

My Life Coach training and certification is through The Martha Beck, Inc.

Much of my work is doing one-on-one’s on the mat, in person, on the phone, or via Zoom.


 My family and I live in the beautiful hills of Los Gatos.  

When not doing Yoga, I enjoy cooking, gardening and playing with my sweet daughter and pooches.